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Jeans Paper Hang Tags

Jeans Paper Hang Tags

It is impossible to image the jeans without stickers and tags. Jeans paper hang tags are printed with the price, brand, warranty, manufacturing company or many things like these. As some of the tags are required for the temporary type of display and usage, these tags are printed with paper which is dissolved in the water. offers four different types and designs of tags which are; circle, oval, diamond and custom jeans paper hang tags. These tags are printed as the per the category of the users of jeans and the target market, such as, the different style and designs of the tags are printed for the children and ladies target market, totally different from those of the male market of jeans. The color, size and shape of the tags depends upon your choice, your business requirements, your marketing plan and the marketing mix for that specific category of jeans. Material, images and text may be different for each category.

The material for the jeans paper tags is paper / cardboard (soft / hard, thick, plain, embossed, colored, white, shining white, multi-colored, glazed and laminated).

The images and text are printed with different combination of full, bright, sharp, shining, glowing, lively and eye-catching colors whereas some of the tags displaying the price, warranty etc. are printed with CMYK basic colors. Embossing and stamping is the highly like and most popular type of tags for the jeans as some of the tags do not need colors for the printing. For some of the high class, famous brand and globally known company, the tags are either printed on the Gold / Silver foiled material or are printed with Golden and Silver colors.    

The cheap and good quality printed tags are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size of the consignment.