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Leather Hang Tags

Leather Hang Tags

Leather hang tags are widely and globally applied tags which are used where the flexibility and the longevity of the tags is required. Typically, logo and brand mark are printed or made with the organic / animal or the artificial leather. The leather tags are used in large variety of the products which may include; apparel / garments, keychains, gifts, leather goods, etc. offers four different types and designs of beautifully made and printed tags which are; circle, oval, diamonds and custom leather hang tags. These leather tags are artistically design and made / printed as per your choice, business requirements, marketing planning or the marketing mix for the specific product.

Typical material used for making / printing of the leather tags is leather of all types, such as, organic / animal leather, artificial leather (Italian or Chinese leather). But different type of paper or clear transparent Vinyl plastic may be glued on them to give additional look.

As the leather tags are made with leather, embossing or stamping of images and text is hot popular instead of printing with colors. Sometimes, the leather material is cut in shapes of the products or resembling the product, but in other situations and requirements, the leather is printed with different combination of colors. Normally, the leather tags are printed with same or similar to the product color but full, bright, sharp, shining, glowing, vibrant and eye-catching colors are also used.

The cheap and the good quality tags are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United States, regardless of the size of the consignment.