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Sale Hang Tags

Sale Hang Tags

Sales hang tags are typically use for the products which are placed in any type of sale, such as, annual clearance sale, end of season sale or the sale at the occasion of some religious or cultural event. Though different types of tags are used for the different type of sale but the substance on all type of tags is almost similar. The sale tags are printed with the actual sale price, discount offered due to the sale and the current sale price after discount. These tags may be printed in template where prices and discounted prices may be entered with the help of computerized printer or may be entered, manually by the sale official.

The four different type of sale tags are offered by the, which are; circle, oval, diamond and the custom sale hang tags. These tags can be printed in any color, any size or any shape, as and when desired by you, your business requirements, your sale plan or the sale plan for the specific product.

As the sale tags have temporary purpose, they are printed on the paper / cardboard (soft, hard, white, colored or simple plain paper.

The texts on these tags are printed with CMYK basic color. Normally, the black color is used for the printing. Images are rarely printed on the sale tags while only fewer details are printed on the sale tags.

The cheap and good quality printed tags are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size of the consignment.