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Waterproof Hang Tags

Waterproof Hang Tags

Waterproof hang tags are a typical type of tags which are used for the products which are to be used in water or in moist conditions. Printed on the moist / water resistant material, these tags are most popular with the toys, apparels / garments, vehicles, bikes, swimming costumes of the products which are used in the water or in wet conditions. If the products are to be used outside in the open environment, the tags must be resistant to the rainy environment.

Four different type and designs of the tags are offered by the, which are; circle, oval, diamonds and the custom waterproof hang tags. These tags can be printed in nay color, any size, any shape or on any material, depending upon your choice, your business needs, your marketing plan or the marketing mix for the product.

The waterproof tags can be printed on any material which is waterproof by nature. The material may be waterproof paper, white or colored fabric, clear / transparent, thick, white Vinyl plastic, PVC plastic, metal / metal foiled material or the UV coated material.

The images are the text are printed with different combination of full, bright, shining, glowing, vibrant, lively and eye-catching colors. For the display of some of the instructions, CMY basic colors are also applied. Embossing and stamping is typically liked for the waterproof tags as it may add touch of hand effect.

The cheap and the good quality of waterproof tags are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size of the consignment.